More than ever, Odoo has it all.

More than ever, Odoo has it all.

Announcing Odoo 9

Odoo 9 is a major step ahead for the software. Over the last year, the 150+ R&D team has worked hard to bring Odoo into a new territory. Amongst others, they completely reinvented accounting, making a fluid, easy to use accounting application, tightly integrated with the rest of Odoo, and giving you a real time financial view of your business. More than ever, Odoo has it all.

But a new accounting is not the only achievement of Odoo 9. Major improvements have been made on the software, among which are:

  • New user interface: a fully mobile friendly, beautiful layout to ease navigation and making everyday tasks in Odoo a pleasure

  • A new subscription app, powering a simple way to control recurring revenues like subscriptions

  • Accounting made easy: send invoices by post mail in 1 click, interface online with 24,000 banks, support all bank format & multi company, simplified reconciliation, and ‘perpetual closing’ to get a real time of the financial performance of your company

  • Inventory management: a new barcode mechanism to boost the efficiency of inventory management, picking & shipping, and integration with major shippers including DHL, UPS and others

  • Odoo Sign: manage digital signature in PDF in a breeze

  • Point of Sale for restaurant: integrate floor plan, split billing and many other features to ease the life of restaurants

  • Timesheet: recording timesheet is no longer a chore through the simple mobile app and Chrome extension

  • Ecommerce: integration with eBay, Amazon (coming soon), and many shippers (DHL, Fedex, UPS, USPS, Temando)

  • Discuss: a new app to discuss through public or private channels, including @mention and more!

For the first time, Odoo (on-premises) will be released in two editions: one Enterprise edition & one Community edition. The Enterprise edition will only be available through partners for companies subscribing to its ‘Odoo Enterprise contract’. The Community edition is released under an open source license (LGPL v3). But many SMEs choose the Odoo Online edition, available on page compares the 3 editions.

Read the highlights of Odoo 9 or the full release notes.

We are proud of Odoo 9 and hope you’ll love it too. Do not hesitate to share your voice on social media with #Odoo9

How to easily measure the ROI of all your marketing campaigns

Track, analyze and optimize your digital campaigns with Odoo Link tracker

“Half the money I spent on advertising is wasted. The trouble is I don’t know which half.”

John Wanamaker, american businessman 

How to easily measure the ROI of all your marketing campaigns: The marketing profession has dramatically changed these past years. Emerging technologies, new tools and evolving medias have forced every business to adapt to new expectations and behaviors and to develop their presence where customers are now -Internet. As a result, today’s marketing campaigns rely almost exclusively on digital channels.

Source : Digiresults

But, when it’s quite easy for anyone to launch several online campaigns simultaneously, it is much more difficult to see exactly how these campaign impact return on investment. Indeed, according to a recent study, 90% global marketers are not trained to calculate ROI and 80% of them struggle with being able to properly demonstrate to their management the business effectiveness of their spendings, campaigns and activities.

This statement is surprising when we know that, today more than ever, any business is under pressure to measure the ROI of every dollar spent to make sure their efforts are effectively contributing to the bottom line.

Keep track of everything, from the first click to the final sale 

Reporting can be one of the most tedious parts of a marketer’s job, but it’s also one of the most critical- your metrics prove your work’s worth. However, how many of them can answer the following questions?

  • How many opportunities did your last email campaign generate ?

  • How much revenue your last PPC campaign brought to the company ?

  • What happens after your prospects have clicked on a link you sent ?

My guess is – not a lot. The trouble is, if you don’t know how your campaigns are performing, you’re certainly wasting your time and money without even knowing it. And that’s where Odoo’s Link Tracker can be a game changer.

Link tracker is a great new feature available from the Website module that will help you to track, analyze and optimize all your online campaigns. Whether you are running a single or a dozen digital campaigns, you will be able to show to your manager exactly which marketing sources are profitable and which aren’t!

How does Odoo Link Tracker work?

Link Tracker will keep track of your campaigns and differentiate one campaign from another thanks to UTMs (basically, they are pieces of code added to the end of an URL in order to keep track of it). From Odoo Website, you can easily add UTMs to any link from the ‘Promote’ tool, accessible from the upper right menu of your screen.

In Odoo, any UTM is composed of 3 parameters:

  • Campaign : the name of your campaign. Every campaign you run should have a different name in order to differentiate them from each other (e.g. “June_promotion” or “2015_landingpage_UK”);

  • Medium: the channel used to send your campaign (e.g. : email, social or paid);

  • Source : the specific source within the above channel (e.g. : newsletter, Facebook or AdWords).

Once you have inserted the UTMs related to your campaign, a URL with analytics trackers will be generated. Unlike traditional link trackers tools, with Odoo your URL is shortened and fully customizable, making it more manageable and easier to share.

You’re now all set to send your campaign using the tracked link newly generated. Every time a prospect will click on your link, information will be captured and displayed through different tools:

  1. From the Link Tracker dashboard, where you can see the popularity of your link over time and compare its performance with your others campaigns

  2. From Google Analytics (go to Acquisition > Campaigns), where you can sort your campaigns by medium, source or campaign name and get more in-depth insights (acquisition, behaviour, conversion)

  3. And, last but not least, from Odoo CRM, where you will be able to accurately measure the profitability of your marketing campaign through the whole sales cycle (see example here under). You will also be able to segment your audience by how they arrived on your website and initiate smarter interactions.

How much revenue did my last email campaign generate? 

This is exactly the kind of question that your manager can ask you – and put yourself in a awkward situation if you don’t know what to answer.

Let’s imagine that you just sent the following email newsletter to your email database. That email contains some links redirecting to several specific landing pages. As a marketeer, you hope that this email lead to conversion and that conversion lead to revenue. Indeed, unless you are an ecommerce player, chances are that days or weeks will pass until leads turn into won clients. How to track them then ? Very simply. Here is how to proceed.

The first thing to do is to add UTMs to your links :


  • Medium : Email

  • Source : Newsletter

From there, any recipient converted as a lead from your links will be captured into Odoo CRM.

Then, From Odoo CRM, you will be able to filter yours clients by campaign, source or medium. As I want to know the results from a specific campaign, I will choose to filter by campaign and see what has happened.
The results?

  • 28 visitors coming from my newsletter have become paying customers

  • a total of €4619 in sales has been generated

It’s that simple!

As you can see, the major advantage of using Odoo CRM with the Link Tracker too is that, unlike other analytics tools like Google Analytics, every interaction on your website gets tied back to an actual person or company. Just imagine all the opportunities you’ll be able to uncover!

How to increase conversion by centralizing great content on your website

How to increase conversion by centralizing great content on your website

All the benefits of YouTube and Slideshare in Odoo Slides

Content is king, distribution is queen, and she wears the pants.

Jonathan Perelman, VP of Agency Strategy at BuzzFeed

How to increase conversion by centralizing great content on your website: In the beginning, there were forums. Communities then moved on to blogs and, after that, to social media. All the while, still hungry for their favorite food – great content. As companies began to realize the impact great content could have on a business, everyone jumped on the content production bandwagon and SEO became a thing.

Awesome SEO optimized content is vital; but how many people are communicating like they did in 2007 when it’s 2015? More than you can imagine. And that’s because not much thought goes into context and even less into sharing. Is everything you post on social media appropriate for social media? How many lengthy posts must users endure before businesses understand what it feels like to be on the other side of the fence?

The truth is, due to the nature of the material, businesses (and users) often need to use lengthy content that can’t be shortened or translated into an infographic. How about simply changing platform?

Announced with the Odoo Online 2015 Summer Release, Odoo Slides provides you with a new way to share material directly on your website. Odoo Slides has all the advantages of YouTube and Slideshare, with none of the disadvantages.

Learn how to appropriately distribute content from your main communication channel.

Target the right people

The main benefit of Odoo Slides is probably the simplest but the most important: everything happens on your website. And if it happens on your website, it means that you’re in command of what is visible and who can view it.

You can choose what content is public or private (for instance, employee-only material versus public material) and you can display it however you like because Odoo Slides is completely integrated with your Odoo website interface.

Make it easier for the right information to reach the right people in the right way.

Do more of what works best

Want to know what works and what doesn’t? Thanks to the smart analysis of views and traffic origin, you’ll get useful data and better insight so you can publish the right content for the right people.

Engage visitors directly on your website

With your content centralized on your website rather than scattered around various external host sites, you’ll make sure visitors don’t abandon your site – and that will increase conversion potential. Easily browse through the archive. Thanks to Odoo Slide’s ingenious channel, category & tag system, users will always find exactly what they are looking for.

Sharing is caring: come together, collaborate, distribute

This module has been designed to be extremely collaborative: engage guest contributors and upload their work to your website; let visitors and employees evaluate the information. Thanks to the moderation option, you will always be in control of content visibility.

Odoo Slides doesn’t walk alone. It is seamlessly integrated with YouTube and Google Docs and everything is easily sharable on blogs, web pages and social media with a simple copy-paste.

The extra benefits

Forget about additional costs. Once you use Odoo Slides, you won’t have to pay third-party files hosts or external sources at all.

How to increase conversion by centralizing great content on your website

Put your online business on good tracks with Versioning

Put your online business on good tracks with Versioning

Discover now  these tools on Odoo Website & E-commerce

 Put your online business on good tracks with Versioning! Summertime usually goes along with a typical business slowdown. Customers and employees take their annual vacation, new projects are postponed to September and communication plans are lowered to their minimum. At Odoo, we decided to roll up our sleeves instead…

As we announced in our previous post last week, we took advantage of this period of the year to present to you our Odoo Online 2015 Summer release, a major revamp of Odoo 8 and a big step forward towards Odoo 9, the brand new version that will be released in the coming months.

What’s new on Odoo Website and E-commerce?

I would like today to introduce you two major features of this Summer release that will change the way webmasters and marketing people will use their website: Versioning and A/B testing

Odoo versioning : Managing and publishing web pages is now easier than ever 

Web pages aren’t meant to stay static. They evolve at least occasionally, sometimes every week or even daily.
The big issue when you edit a page is that, when you click the save button, you cannot go back. And who never regretted hitting that button too fast and wishing to retrieve the old version ? Well, this time is over thanks to the new Versioning tool.

With this feature available on Odoo Website and Odoo eCommerce, you will now be able to easily prepare multiple versions of a website and switch from one to another in as little as one click. If you like to see your website as an experimental playground, this is a real game changer! You will be able to:

  • Work on new versions of a page without losing the published one

  • Replace one version by another in just one click

  • Create archives of your pages and retrieve your old versions anytime

  • etc.

Putting it into practice 

Let’s imagine that I am running a small clothing company and selling my items on my Odoo website. My online catalog has to change constantly in order to follow seasons and new trends.

With the versioning feature, I will be able to safely prepare new versions of my website without threatening my actual content and and to switch from one catalog to another in a few clicks.

Here is how it works :

  • First, I go on the page I want to create a new version and click on “Edit” ;

  • On the Version menu, I click on “new version” ;

  • I give a name to the new page I will create ;

  • I edit my new page by dragging, dropping and customizing the defaults building blocks ;

  • I save my work.

There you go! Still from the Version menu, I will now see my new page, waiting to be published. I just have to click on it and it will replace my current page. Of course, I can always go back to your previous version if needed.

So, let’s go back to my business. It’s the end of the summer season and I need to prepare for next winter collection. That’s why I have created a “Winter” version of my homepage. Just one click and my new collection is ready to be presented to the World wide web!

This versioning feature can be used for each page of your website and eCommerce catalog. You can now publish a whole new website in just a few clicks !

A/B testing : build the perfect website page after page 

Okay, this versioning tool is a great feature, but while we’re at it, there’s a way to make it even better! Just imagine yourself creating two different versions of your homepage. In order to optimize your website, you’re certainly wondering wether your version B has a better impact on your visitors than the version A. Well, this is now a question you can easily answer with our A/B testing tool that works together with the versioning feature.

With Odoo A/B testing, you will be able to publish simultaneously two versions of a same page, and see which one drives better results. How does it work? The tool will run “live experiments” by sending one half of your visitors to the original page and the other half to the test version at the same time. It will then collect the data on each page and display the results on your Google Analytics account, so you can compare useful metrics and only keep the best version!

Putting it into practice

Let’s return to my clothing company and say I’m not happy with my Women Summer collection landing page. When visitors land on that particular page, they hang around for a few seconds and then bounce without visiting another page, resulting in a high bounce rate. How will A/B testing help me solve this problem?

First, I’ll use the versioning tool as illustrated here above and create a new version of my landing page with a few tweaks:

  • changing the picture ;

  • aligning the text from the right to the left ;

  • changing the color and copy of my call-to-action ;

  • and, last but not least, adding a “Free shipping” promotion as a subtitle.

Here is what it looks like:

Now, let’s run an A/B test and wait for the results ! Here is how it works :

  1. From the Version menu, I click on Launch A/B tests.

  2. A quick tutorial will help me to connect my Google Analytics account to the tool.

  3. I will be asked to choose a goal to measure. I set up “Decrease bounces”

  4. I launch my A/B test.

Now my A/B test is running, and it is just a matter of time before I know which page has the lowest bounce rate. I can access the statistics of my experiment anytime from my Google Analytics account, which displays the performances of my pages on a nice graph view.

You can of course run several A/B tests in the same time and manage everything from Odoo’s backend.

There is more to come!

As Odoo Founder Fabien Pinckaers declared during the Odoo Experience 2015 :

Customers and users are and should be our main focus; with the Odoo Summer Release 2015 we want to help businesses get closer to unfolding their true potential, and all this without activity disruption. Striving for continuous improvement and delivering great products is part of that aim 

Fabien kept his word with this new release – the Versioning and A/B testing features will enhance your Website and e-Commerce experience on Odoo.

Odoo Online 2015 Summer Release

More apps, features and improvements to get excited for!  Odoo introduces Odoo Online 2015 Summer Release…

Less than one year after release of Odoo 8 and a few weeks after Odoo 9 has been introduced to the public, we have the pleasure to announce the Odoo Online 2015 Summer Release.

We are proud to bring close to 100 enhancements to Odoo 8. The update brings improvements and new functionalities to some of our key modules, while also revealing one new app. This release is immediately available to new customers starting with Odoo online (on and will be soon made available to all our existing users on

Key improvements of 2015 Summer Release

CMS & eCommerce

Enjoy even more flexibility and an overall improved usability using our Website and eCommerce builder. You now have the ability to create multiple versions of your website, and test them to keep only the best, a process called A/B testing. New building blocks make sure your needs are always fulfilled! Sell services and digital products faster and more easily with a complete integration to the module, and get paid more easily with, a highly popular payment provider in the US.

Point Of Sale

Introducing the POS Restaurant, a new interface specially designed with restaurants in mind, it includes all the functions you could look after when placing orders and creating receipts. New functions include split bill, tips management and loyalty programs to make sure you treat your customers the way they like it!


Keep track of your website visitors and get a more easily shareable content using a great URL shortener that tracks clicks and provides data!

And other new features :

  • Accounting
    Automatically record every movement on your company’s bank accounts with a simple tool to import your bank statements.

  • LiveChat
    Reply to your customers even faster with pre-written answers to drop in your conversations, and make it more lively with nice emoticons!

  • Ratings
    Put customer satisfaction as a priority without spending all your time on measuring it! We added a simple rating system to LiveChat, Project and Issues, that is just so easy to use!

  • Usability improvements
    Your first steps with Odoo are even easier with great tips on how to use the many features of the apps, straight from within the system!

Revealing a new app… Slides

Drive interest from your visitors & customers, and share knowledge inside your company by publishing videos, presentations and documents straight to your website.

Stay tuned if you want to have a more in-depth approach of those features – more blog posts coming! 

Odoo introduces Odoo Online 2015 Summer Release